QSI: A Quantum Programming Environment


This paper describes a quantum programming environment, named $Q|SIångle$. It is a platform embedded in the .Net language that supports quantum programming using a quantum extension of the $mathbfwhile$-language. The framework of the platform includes a compiler of the quantum $mathbfwhile$-language and a suite of tools for simulating quantum computation, optimizing quantum circuits, and analyzing and verifying quantum programs. Throughout the paper, using $Q|SIn̊gle$ to simulate quantum behaviors on classical platforms with a combination of components is demonstrated. The scalable framework allows the user to program customized functions on the platform. The compiler works as the core of $Q|SIrg̊le$ bridging the gap from quantum hardware to quantum software. The built-in decomposition algorithms enable the universal quantum computation on the present quantum hardware.

Symposium on Real-Time and Hybrid Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science