Semidefinite programming strong converse bounds for classical capacity


We show a meaningful theory of classical communication over quantum channels when assisted by no-signalling (NS) and PPT-preserving (PPT) codes, for which both the optimal success probability of a given transmission rate and one-shot $ε$-error capacity are formalized as semidefinite programs (SDPs). Based on this, we obtain improved SDP finite blocklength converse bounds for general quantum channels, which also reduce to the converse bound of Polyanskiy, Poor, and Verdú for classical channels. Furthermore, we derive two SDP strong converse bounds for the classical capacity of a general quantum channel: for any code with a rate exceeding either of the two bounds of the channel, the success probability vanishes exponentially fast as the number of channel uses increases. In particular, applying our efficiently computable bounds, we derive improved upper bounds to the classical capacity of the class of amplitude damping channels. Remarkably, we also establish the strong converse property for the classical and private capacities of a new class of quantum channels. We finally study the zero-error setting and provide efficiently computable upper bounds on the one-shot zero-error capacity of a general quantum channel.

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory